Writing and Performing

In her compositions, Kate draws inspiration from nature and experience, often including metaphorical lines, as well as writing from the perspective of people she knows well. When choosing her set lists, she includes songs from a range of genres and performs them in her own style..



Kate began to teach herself to play guitar in 2015, and is now experimenting with alternate tunings such as DADGAD as well to expand her tonal palette. The singing, however, began back in 2009 when she joined the primary school choir, which lead to vocal lessons and concerts singing various operatic pieces. A lot has changed since then, and now she is studying Popular Music Performance at the University of Chester.



In 2018, Kate visited Bromborough Folk Club for the first time, and received a warm welcome from a very supportive audience. Since then she has visited other folk clubs, such as The Raven Folk Club in Chester, and has grown very fond of the genre and the people (not to mention the sessions!). She is now receiving bookings for folk festivals and concerts, as well as performing in pubs and other small venues on a regular basis.


In addition to music, Kate enjoys painting, and has been known to paint her guitar named 'Whisky', as shown in the background. Whisky is a Tanglewood Crossroads SFCE, and since purchased in 2018, has been her reliable stage companion.



Photo taken by Andy McCullough