In the last six months I have  recorded a six track EP at Hungerford Studios in Crewe. It has been an exciting a new experience, and an enjoyable one too. I have learnt a lot about the process, and it has been a pleasure to record with Hungerford. 


The EP is now available! I have not launched it yet, however I intend to produce an online launch party on Facebook, and it can be purchased on this page. Originally I had planned two dates to launch at Bromborough Folk Club and The Raven Folk Club, which was not possible due to COVID - 19. 

Photo taken by Georgia Barnes

Whilst the CD itself comes in a simple card sleeve, as shown to the right, I will be updating this page of my website to reveal six individual pieces of artwork. Each piece will go with a different track, and the lyrics will be posted here too, alongside the art. This is in place of a booklet, and I hope people will enjoy it.

Photo taken by Clare Smith whilst recording at Hungerford Studios.

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